The New Jersey Institute of Chemists

Our History

The New Jersey Institute of Chemists  has a long history, with its roots in the New Jersey chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries since the early 20th century.   In fact, New Jersey has played a significant role in contributing to the development  of these industries nationwide. One of the early founders of the organization, H. B. Hass, who is credited with the discovery of gas chromatography, noted these contributions  to the national culture in the book, "Science and the Human Imagination".

Since the founding of the AIC, the NJIC has served as its New Jersey Local Chapter or Division. In 1978, the NJIC formally incorporated as an independent organization, serving the needs of  the chemical industry and professionals, within New Jersey, while still serving as the local chapter of the AIC.

Since 1950,  through its Student Awards Program,  the NJIC has honored outstanding seniors majoring in chemistry,  biochemistry , chemical engineering or related chemical sciences at  New Jersey’s  public and private colleges and universities.  This award is given to students who are nominated and chosen by their department faculty members, in recognition of their demonstrated  ability, leadership, and excellence in the chemical sciences.  The NJIC Student Award has, from its inception, included women and minorities, as well as students from diverse backgrounds.