The New Jersey Institute of Chemists
What We Do

The New Jersey Institute of Chemists is a 501 (c) non-profit.  We serve a leadership role in educating and communicating the importance of the chemical sciences to public policy makers and the general public. This includes the importance of the benefits derived by society from all branches of chemistry and chemical engineering.  Our activities also focus on advancing  and promoting the chemical professions as well as chemistry professionals themselves. This is accomplished through activities that encourage students and educators alike at all levels of the chemical sciences,  from secondary school to graduate levels,  in addition to promoting the importance of STEM education.

About Us

Since its founding in the post-World War I era, The New Jersey Institute of Chemists (NJIC)  has had a long history within  NJ/NY metropolitan area.The NJIC, along with the American Institute of Chemists (AIC) has been actively involved in advancing  and promoting the chemical professions, including activities which encourage education in the chemical sciences. 

We are the founding member of the AIC, and although we are now an independent organization, we continue to maintain our ties to the national organization, serving as the AIC's NJ local Chapter (or state Institute).